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Project Description

The name infographic may sound unfamiliar for most people. However, it’s a concept that is widely used into scientific and advertising circles. Personally I’m a big fan, so I created ​​an infographic, based on a scientific article.

In 2012, the article “No Guns, No Glory” appeared in the Dutch magazine “Kijk”. It’s an article about weapons and the global use of them. The results excites your senses and leaves your eyes wide open.

The style I wanted to use in this infographic was the distinctive “Humo-style”. An alternation between hard headlines and to-the-point text and statistics. After a secure data analysis of the article, I designed the logo and integrated the data in the infographic.

Finally, I redesigned the original article to a strong “Humo” dossier.

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Project Details
Illustrator, InDesign
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Fictional - Humo
© Waterhorse-Design - Lie Versnaeyen

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