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Project Description

Since my interests mainly goes to Photoshop Manipulation, I got the idea to design a virtual image. I wanted to expand this virtual thought through Photoshop, so I created a robot.

If you are looking around for images and illustrations on the internet, you’ll come across many visualizations which were made ​​in 3D programs. Because this path had been taken a lot, the last few years, I decided to try a different approach.

I started off with a handmade sketch, scanned it and began to manipulate in Photoshop. After a lot of filters and color corrections I wanted to give it a “mechanical robot look”. For this, I scoured the internet off, searching for usable pictures of cars and motorcycle parts, sheet metal, electronics, etc. By selecting precisely and cropping them afterwards, I could integrate them into the image.

Finally I made ​​the sparkling effects and sharp edges for a dynamic effect and to create a more appealing picture.

Photodesign: Lie Versnaeyen

Click on the arrows or slide to see the live transformation!

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