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Project Details
Photodesign, Photography
Personal Work - Celine Van De Voorde
© Waterhorse-Design - Lie Versnaeyen
Project Description

A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish .

Mermaids appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide, including the Near East, Europe, Africa and Asia. The first stories appeared in ancient Assyria, in which the goddess Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover. Mermaids are sometimes associated with perilous events such as floods, storms, shipwrecks and drownings. In other folk traditions (or sometimes within the same tradition), they can be benevolent or beneficent, bestowing boons or falling in love with humans.

Click on the arrows or slide to see the live transformation!

Photographer: Lie Versnaeyen
Photodesign: Lie Versnaeyen
Model: Celine Van De Voorde

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